Banks December 2018 Police Log

Banks – The City of Banks December 2018 police log includes calls responded to by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in the city of Banks. All logs are written by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and provided here as-is. These are written from the perspective of deputy Frank Ward. 

Assist Person: Barton Ct – A male that has mental health issues called to complain about on-going hacking issues. The male believes his neighbor’s children continue to hack into his computer and steal several pending patents. The male also believes that the neighbors spy on him and record his private conversations he has in his own home. Deputies with the MHRT responded and spoke with him again and continue to offer resources even though the male continues to refuse help.

Theft: Jarvis Pl – A female called to report that hundreds of dollars-worth of makeup had been stolen. The female believes that a few juveniles living in the complex had stolen the makeup, as she had let them use her makeup before. The female told me she had left a makeup bag in her car that was now missing, so she ordered more. The female said when the order came in she left the box by the front door. The female told me she did not notice the makeup missing for a day or two as she is in the process of moving out of town.

Disturbance: Banks High School – Several students got into a fight during a basketball game. During the game, a male student “disrespected” another male student’s girlfriend. The male and his girlfriend left the gym in an attempt to avoid a confrontation and fight. Once outside the gym and onto the sidewalk, another male student walking behind the couple poured soda on the back of the male’s head. A fight then ensued being witnessed by a parent waiting their car in the parking lot. The students were from Banks High School and the visiting school. Both athletic directors were made aware and disciplined the students accordingly.

Warrant Service: Main St – Deputies with the Criminal Apprehension Team (CAT) served and arrest warrant. The wanted subject was contacted and taken into custody without incident.