Banks Fire District plans to build new fire station in Buxton

Buxton –  Banks Fire District is working on a bond they say will appear on the November 2017 ballot, asking voters to fund a new fire station in the community of Buxton and replace aging fire equipment, according to Banks Fire District Chief Rodney Linz. The bond would go into effect about the same time a previous bond expires in June 2018, according to the district.

Chief Linz says that during the district’s strategic planning held earlier this year, the district looked to where the heaviest call volume was coming from, and identified the Buxton area as a hub for emergency calls. To improve service in the 136 square miles of territory that Banks Fire District covers, Chief Linz says that a new station in Buxton is essential.

The new station would replace the existing station, which was built in 1960. Chief Linz says the 57-year-old station in Buxton is too small to improve the district’s service in the area. The Buxton station currently consists of a two-vehicle garage and a mobile trailer behind the station that houses a restroom and small office. It’s located on a corner lot that will not have room for a new station, leaving the Banks Fire District looking for new property to build the proposed new station on.

The new structure the district plans to build would comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, house twice the amount of fire apparatus as the current station, and include crew living quarters and office space.

The district is still in the preliminary stages of crafting the bond to bring before voters in November, and will be talking with local residents in Buxton to gain feedback from community members, says Banks Fire District Public Information Officer Scott Adams, a Buxton resident himself.


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