Banks October 2018 Police Log

Banks – The City of Banks October 2018 police log includes calls responded to by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in the city of Banks. All logs are written by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and provided here as-is.

NW Sunset Ave: Custody dispute/Trespass- A family has had custody of a 2yo child for over a year as the mother (who lives in another city/county) has had difficulties with drug abuse. The mother, grandmother and another friend showed up at the house late in the evening demanding the child be returned. The mother admitted to using methamphetamines within the last 2 days. The family caring for the child called 911 and deputies responded. While deputies were still in-route, the mother went around to the rear slider and tried to enter the house. Deputies arrived on scene and spoke with all involved and notified DHS. DHS told the deputies that the child needed to stay in the house and they would follow up later. The mother, grandmother and friend were trespassed from the property.

Banks High School: Telephonic Harassment – A male student was demanding a female student send him naked photos of herself. When the female declined, the male posted her phone number on a website/app that is known worldwide for people to request naked photos from the posted number. The male also sent the female a picture of himself with a gun against his head making statements of suicide if she did not send the photos. Upon contacting the male, he admitted to sending the photo but said that it was an old photo and only a toy or a pellet gun. The male’s mother later verified the photo was old. The same male was also suspected of doing the same thing to another female student in 2017. The male was warned to not have any other contact of any kind with the female or be subject to arrest.

NW Market St: Theft – Deputies were approached by an elderly female who reported that her purse had been stolen from her car while it was parked in front of the church on NW Depot St. The female was concerned as the purse contained her house keys, driver’s license, credit cards and other important items. The female had to change her locks to the house, get a new license and change bank accounts only to later find out that the purse had been left at a house she was conducting service for.

NW Devonmoor Ave/NW Broadshire Ln: DUII/Disturbance – On Halloween night while passing out candy to Trick or Treaters, I was told about a male that had nearly run over several Trick or Treaters as they were crossing the street. Witnesses had gotten the male driver to stop and took his keys from him. The male suspect refused to stay on scene and walked home as two witnesses followed. I contacted the male in his residence as he climbed into bed. He told me that he was not driving nor was he drunk but had been in bed. I placed the male under arrest for DUII as I could smell a strong odor of alcohol that filled and hung heavy in the bedroom. After talking with other witnesses, I one of the fathers of the Trick or Treaters pounded on the truck as it zoomed past. The male tried to get out the truck but forgot to put it in park, so he was trying to argue/fight with father and put his truck in park. The male was arrested and lodged in the Washington County for DUII and Reckless driving.