Banks residents can now use Forest Grove Aquatic Center at ‘in city’ rates after reimbursement

Banks – Residents who live within Banks city limits can now use the Forest Grove Aquatic Center at essentially “in city” rates after filling out a reimbursement form and submitting it to the city.

The reimbursement program, which is run by the City of Banks, requires a resident to use the Forest Grove Aquatic Center’s “out of city” rates when you purchase memberships, swim punch cards, swimming lessons, drop-in fees, or other service fees at the Aquatic Center.

Then, you’ll fill out the reimbursement form provided by the city and bring it to city hall or mail it to:
13680 NW Main Street Banks, OR 97106. The city will reimburse you the difference between the in city and out of city rates.

According to the City of Banks, limited funds are set aside for the reimbursement program each fiscal year, and reimbursements are distributed on a first come, first served basis.

Questions about the program should be directed to the City of Banks at 503-324-5112. As the program is entirely run by the City of Banks, questions directed to the Forest Grove Aquatic Center will likely not yield the answers you’re looking for.

Sources and more information:

Reimbursement form (.pdf)
City of Banks news release


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