Banks September 2018 Police Log

Banks – The City of Banks September 2018 police log includes calls responded to by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in the city of Banks. All logs are written by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and provided here as-is.

Theft from Vehicles: Banks Trailhead- Several vehicles were broken into and miscellaneous (i.e. purses, wallets, backpacks) items stolen from cars. No suspect info. Case suspended Welfare Check: Wilkes St- Male subject called for police as he felt he was having a mental health crisis. MHRT responded and spoke with the male who asked for a ride to the hospital for treatment. MHRT obliged and took the male to St Vincent Hospital.
No Crimes, information only.

Unwanted Person: Park St – A male called 911 as his sister in-law was extremely intoxicated and refused to leave. Deputies arrived on scene and spoke with the sister in-law. The deputy offered her a ride to Hillsboro as it was well after midnight. The female initially agreed, but when the deputy opened the door to the patrol car, the female changed her mind and became belligerent walking back into the house. The sister in-law was asked several times to leave but she refused. The deputy was able take the sister in-law into custody and transported her jail at the Rp’s (and his wife’s) request.
Case cleared by arrest

Violation of Release Agreement: Banks High School – In August a male was arrested for menacing (domestic) his ex-wife for making several threats to her safety and life. The male was later released from jail. As part of his conditional release he signed an agreement that he is to not have any contact with victim and to stay at least 100’ away from her. The male showed up several football practices and games sitting only a few feet away from the female. The male was later arrested for violating the terms of his release agreement.
Case cleared by arrest

Harassment: Banks Middle School – A student spit on a teacher while he was yelling and out of control. The teacher only wanted the incident documented and did not want to press charges.
Case cleared exceptional

Welfare Check: Maple Crest Way – DHS reported they had learned about a 12 yo boy that was spanked by his father. Per the boy’s parents, he has had several discipline issues including fighting and bullying other children in the neighborhood and school. The parents had previously tried grounding, taking privileges away and extra housework with no success. The father called his ex-wife and informed her of the continued issues with the 12yo. The father, current wife and ex-wife agreed to try spanking as nothing else was working.
Case cleared Unfounded

Found Juvenile: Buckshire St/ Ashton Dr – A deputy was patrolling through the neighborhood when he came upon a female with a 1yo female. The female flagged the deputy down and said she had just found the little girl walking around with no parent in sight. The deputy was able to find out where “mommy was” and took the little girl home. As the deputy knocked on the door, Mom opened the door in a panic as her daughter was missing. The deputy learned that the little girl’s 8 and 11yo siblings were supposed to watch her while mom was in the shower.
No crimes, information only.

Unwanted Person: Wilkes St – A male called for police as an invited guest had become extremely intoxicated and rude. Deputies arrived on scene and spoke with the unwanted male. They learned that the male was in fact very intoxicated, so much so that he was unable to answer simple questions. The RP did not want to press charges for trespassing, but the male did not have anyone that would be able to care for him either. The male was taken into custody for a civil detox hold and transported to “Hoopers” a sobering center in Portland.
Case cleared by arrest.