Burn ban back in Banks and beyond

Washington County – Just one day after outdoor residential debris burning was opened for the fall season, area fire agencies are putting an immediate halt to further burning, including all agricultural burning, debris burning, and backyard burning due to an increasing fire danger – as evidenced by six -so far- rural Washington County fires caused by out of control burn piles.

The ban, enacted by Washington County Fire Defense Board Chief Michael Kinkade who is also the fire chief of Forest Grove, Gaston, and Cornelius fire agencies, includes all area fire agencies and the territory they cover in Washington County, including Forest Grove Fire & Rescue, Banks Fire District 13, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, Cornelius Fire Department, Gaston Fire District, and Hillsboro Fire & Rescue.

Small recreational fires for warming and cooking are permitted in fire pits, but must be no larger than 3 feet in diameter.

Call your local fire agency for more information. Banks Fire District #13 can be reached at 503-324-6262, Forest Grove Fire & Rescue at 503-992-3240.