Buxton Feed Company: An inside look

Buxton – It all started in 2001. With cattle owners worldwide concerned about the ‘mad cow disease’ crisis, Jim and Darby Sorenson, Buxton residents, wanted to ensure they knew where the food for their herd of Black Angus cattle came from.

So they decided to make their own cattle feed.

With the find of a pellet mill, the Sorenson couple, with the help of two adult sons, spent two years assembling the machine and began a journey that brought them to where they are now – a unique feed company that specializes in custom, GMO-free livestock feed, milled in Buxton on their farm.

The variety of feed the Sorensons can mill is wide-ranging; from pet snacks for lizards and snakes to rabbit, poultry, hog, milk and beef cattle feed, and food just about any other common farm creature, their milling system, which can spit out about one ton of feed every two hours, is a custom-built machine that occupies a barn near the front of their farm.

The Buxton Feed Mill. Chas Hundley//Banks Post

The machine, custom assembled and eye-catching as it hulks in the barn where feed is bagged, isn’t the heart of the Buxton Feed Company, though – that would be Jim and Darby. The two will enthusiastically tell you what sets them apart from other feed companies. Quality recipes that don’t change or use cut-rate products. Non-GMO ingredients. Friendly return policies, and a way of doing business that feels familiar in rural Washington County.

You can find the feed milled in Buxton in a variety of regional shops; you’ll also find local farms using their products in Tillamook, Portland, and throughout Washington County and neighboring counties. With an online store in addition to their physical space, you can also buy products that aren’t made on-site, such as grit, rock salt, and other items.

Call the company at 503-324-1511, or visit them online at www.buxtonfeed.com/store.

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