City of Banks enacts ‘Water Curtailment Plan’

Banks – Extreme dry weather has prompted the city of Banks to enact ‘Water Curtailment Plan Stage 1: Mild’ on the morning of  Friday, July 27 in an effort to reduce water usage on the Banks water system, according to Banks city recorder Angie Lanter.

The ‘mild’ stage of the plan triggers three actions by the city of Banks.

First, the city has requested all commercial and high-volume residential landscape irrigation customers reduce outdoor water use by 50%. A “high-volume residential customer” is any home in Banks using more than 1400 cubic feet of water per month, or twice the monthly average for a home in Banks.

Secondly, the city establishes an alternate day irrigation for schools, parks, and green spaces within the city.

Finally, notices are posted to all water customers and to the general public, asking everyone to voluntarily reduce water usage.

“If there are things [the public] can do to conserve water, we would appreciate it,” said Lanter.

This stage of the curtailment will be in effect for at least two weeks until August 13, unless it is extended or goes to the next level – stage 2 “Moderate.”

The city posted several water conservation tips, including the following:

  • Water early in the morning or late in the evening when the temperatures are lower, and chances for evaporation are lower.
  • Cut back on sprinkler use to 10-15 minutes per area.
  • Even number houses water on even number days/odd number houses water on odd number days
  • Do not wash cars, fill swimming pools, hose down driveways, patios, walkways and other surfaces.

According to the city water curtailment plan, there are two conditions that will trigger a stage 1 curtailment – In this case, it was triggered by the city’s well #2 pumping water levels being drawn down to the  “40 Feet above sensor” reading.

Notices are being posted to all customers’ doors in an effort to spread the message, as well as being posted to the city website, social media pages, and via email to interested parties and media.

Call the city at 503-324-5112 if you have any questions.