Early election results: major county races

Washington County – With early election results coming in, most county races look to have clear winners, with one major, but not unexpected exception: The position of Washington County chair will go to a runoff election between candidates Kathryn Harrington and Bob Terry, neither of whom netted enough votes to win the race outright. As of 8 p.m., Harrington pulled in 38.33% of the vote, Terry was at 29.48%, and candidates Ryan Deckert and Shabba Woodley had fallen behind at 23.99% and 7.84% of the vote, respectively.

In the Washington County District 4 race, former Hillsboro Mayor Jerry Willey is on a path to beating Hillsboro and Washington County volunteer Kimberly Culbertson, with Willey at 56.06% of the vote as of the 8 p.m. early results and Culbertson at 43.46%.

In District 2, incumbent Greg Malinowski will not be returning to helm his district for a third term, after falling to challenger Pam Treece, who pulled in 59.62% of the vote to Malinowski’s 39.95%.

Meanwhile, in a race that drew national attention, Kevin Barton will win the position of Washington County District Attorney, beating Max Wall 69.56% to 30.14%.

Sources: http://results.oregonvotes.gov/ResultsSW.aspx?type=CTYALL&cty=28