Election results: No surprises in Banks, Gov. Brown wins reelection, County Chair goes to Harrington

Washington County – Unofficial results from Tuesday night’s election reveal that incumbents in local races have all been given another shot at representing their constituents.

In the Banks city council and mayor campaign, all who sought a seat won, with no challengers to threaten their race, including Mayor Pete Edison, Marsha Kirk, Erica Harold-Heine and Mark Gregg.

In the Oregon House District 31 (Forest Grove, Verboort) race, Democrat Susan McLain is winning with 57.36% of the vote to Republican challenger David Molina’s 40.71%. Libertarian candidate William A. Namestnik pulled in 1.85% of the vote.

In HD 30 (Roy, North Plains), Democrat incumbent Janeen Sollman coasted to an easy victory with 61.38% of the vote so far to Republican opponent Dorothy Merrit (31.26%) and Libertarian Kyle Markley (7.25%).

In HD 29 (Vernonia, Buxton, portions of Manning, Mountaindale), Democrat incumbent Brad Witt had a closer race but prevailed against Republican opponent Brian Stout 53.51% to 46.25%.

With no incumbent in HD 32 (Gales Creek, Banks, Timber, Gaston, Glenwood, Hillside, North Coast), the race to represent the long-time seat held by retiring Deborah Boone will go to Democrat Tiffiny K Mitchell, who netted 49.37% of the vote. Vineet Lower, her Republican opponent, came in second with 43.04% of the vote, while Independent and Progressive Party nominee Brian P. Halvorsen pulled in 4.15% and Libertarian Randell Carlson received 3.31%.
In state Senate races, District 15 (Roy, territory along Highway 47 between Banks and Forest Grove, portions of Mountaindale) and 16 (Gales Creek, Banks, Buxton, Manning, Timber, Gaston, Vernonia, Mountaindale) saw both their incumbents retaining their seats, Democrat Chuck Riley with 58.56% of the vote in SD 15 and Betsy Johnson, who ran on both the Democrat and Republican ticket, with 82.11% of the vote in SD 16.

For the hard-fought Washington County chair race, voters rejected Commissioner Bob Terry, opting to select Metro’s Kathryn Harrington at 58.41% to Terry’s 41.14%.

In the only contested race in the Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District, Zone 4’s incumbent John A. McDonald beat challenger Loren Behrman 61.78% to 37.40%.

At the state level, Governor Kate Brown will serve out her first full term as Governor of the state of Oregon, after beating Knute Beuhler 49.33% to 44.45%.

And finally, Democrat Suzanne Bonamici coasted to an easy win to continue representing Oregon’s Congressional District 1 with 63.15% to Republican John Verbeek’s 32.91% of the vote.

In statewide measures, measure 102 passed, amending the Oregon constitution to allow local bonds for financing affordable housing with nongovernmental entities.

Measure 103, which would prohibit taxes on groceries, failed.

Measure 104, which would require the Oregon Legislature to reach a three-fifths majority to approve bills raising revenue, failed.

Measure 105, a measure to repeal Oregon’s law limiting the use of state and local law enforcement resources to enforce federal immigration laws failed.

Measure 106, which would disallow public funds to be spent on abortions, failed.

These percentages may shift slightly as final counts are tallied and voting results certified, but none are close enough to flip a race.

To view more results, visit results.oregonvotes.gov.