Where there’s smoke, there’s fire; in Canada, anyway

Banks – A smell of smoke, visible pall of haze hanging in the sky – sure signs of a wildfire, yes, but not in Washington County, according to a tweet this morning from Forest Grove Fire & Rescue.

According to Dave Nemeyer, a spokesperson for Forest Grove Fire & Rescue, there have been no calls yet this morning from citizens reporting a wildfire, but he hopes the message about the wildfires in Canada will stave off the inevitable calls from concerned citizens. “We’re learning to get ahead of it,” he says.

As of the time of this article being published, however, Banks Fire District was investigating a source of smoke between Manning and Hayward. According to Banks Fire District staff, they’ve received a few calls about the visible smoke from the Canadian and Washington fires.

The coast range and surrounding areas remain under extremely high fire danger, with certain logging and timber operation activities restricted by the Oregon Department of Forestry.

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