Funnel cloud spotted between Banks and Forest Grove

Kemper Road – “Tell mom to come out!”

That’s how the video that Aaron Lohrer filmed starts.  Lohrer lives on Kemper Road between Banks and Forest Grove, where he filmed a dramatic video this afternoon around 2:25 p.m. as a funnel cloud formed near his house, before passing over their home and eventually dissipating.

Two videos filmed over more than 10 minutes (shared with Lohrer’s permission) show a dark funnel spinning over a field across from his house before it eventually crosses over their home, sending leaves and plant debris scattering across Kemper Road.

It’s unclear if it ever touched down, but a large debris cloud was observed by Lohrer at the bottom of the funnel cloud.

Another set of videos taken by a local area resident at the same time shows the funnel cloud as well.

Shortly after the funnel cloud was spotted, the Portland National Weather Service posted a tornado warning near Marion, Oregon, but made no mention of this portion of the state.