Healing Your Heart with Love Retreat Center opened near Buxton

Buxton – Turn on to the gravel driveway to the Ludeman’s farm north of Buxton, and the first thing you’ll see is a large pond – one of five ponds that are scattered across this peaceful respite in the Northern Oregon Coast Range.

At just under 40 acres, the farm, which also has 18 acres of timber, a home, several outbuildings, greenhouses, and many ponds, is home to chickens, ducks, a goat, and some other assorted livestock and pets, as well as beehives, grapes, and “lots of frogs,” according to Mark Ludeman.

Mark and Jennifer Ludeman have lived at their retreat above Buxton for 13 years. The retired couple, both in their 60’s, have a well-known name in Washington County – Ludeman’s, a fireplace and patio furniture specialty shop located in Beaverton on Canyon Road, was one of several businesses the couple owned over the years. Ludeman’s was closed in 2016.

With their businesses closed, the Ludeman’s have focused on a new project, when they’re not traveling the world: turning their farm, called Healing Your Heart with Love Retreat Center, into a spiritual and health retreat center.

“I have a natural ability to do healing,” says Mark. “I put my hands on you, it’ll feel warm, and some people get well – it relieves all their symptoms.”

The couple also does what Mark describes as emotional healing work and counseling, and energy transmissions, and Jennifer teaches meditation, dream work and does past life regression work.

“We’re kind of way out there,” says Mark with a chuckle.

Jennifer says the meditation she teaches doesn’t have a religious connotation, but is instead geared toward entering a calm and silent state.

Neither Mark or Jennifer subscribe to a specific religion. “I love all the faces of God,” says Jennifer. Mark, whose father was a Baptist minister, says he he and Jennifer have a “close connection to Jesus” but not necessarily in a traditional Christian setting.

A large pond is the first thing you see as you enter Healing Your Heart with Love Retreat Center. Chas Hundley//Banks Post

A variety of tools and settings can be used by the Ludeman’s to help the people who come to the center. A sauna, a flotation tank, a hot tub, and rooms to sleep up to nine people at a time are all available, among other things.

A device called a Pandora Star, which uses flashing LED lights in varying sequences and strobes, is used by the Ludeman’s for a variety of reasons. They say it can be used to help enter a meditative state, enable lucid dreaming, and more.

In the house, the Ludeman’s are making a number of improvements, adding onto a kitchen and finishing bedrooms for guests to stay in.

Every Wednesday at 6:30 pm, the Ludeman’s host an open group, where they eat a vegetarian dinner, meditate and do other activities, often some form of personal growth work with the participants. The Wednesday sessions are free with a suggested donation of $20.

Diet is important to the Ludeman’s – Jennifer says she enjoys sharing how to work a healthy diet into your life, and Mark says he’s extensively studied the subject of diet and health.

“What we do is pretty simple,” says Mark. “We just try to love people.”

To contact the Ludeman’s, for emotional and physical healing work, PandoraStar sessions, dream work, past life regression or health and diet instruction, call or text Mark at 503-709-0706 or email Mark at mark@healingyourheartwithlove.org
Call or text Jennifer at 503-709-3694 or email Jennifer at jennifer@healingyourheartwithlove.org
Visit them online at healingyourheartwithlove.org

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