Hornshuh family donates land for new Buxton fire station

Buxton – The Hornshuh family, who have a long history with Banks Fire District #13, will donate up to 5 acres for a new fire station to be built in Buxton after signing an agreement on Wednesday, May 9.

Banks fire officials and Captain Mark Hornshuh, a volunteer firefighter and paramedic with the district, signed a land contract that will result in 3-5 acres along Highway 26 to be donated to the district, paving the way for a new station in Buxton, which was funded by a bond passed by voters last November.

The existing station in Buxton. Chas Hundley//Banks Post.

The existing station in Buxton, built in 1960, consists of a two-vehicle garage and a mobile trailer behind the station that houses a restroom and small office. It’s located on a corner lot that lacks room for expansion.

This region northwest of Banks, including Highways 26 and 47, is the source of a large number of service calls to the district – driven in large part by an increase in traffic, and crashes, on the roads.

According to data pulled from Oregon Department of Transportation records, traffic on Highway 26 near the Timber Junction was counted at an Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) of 4150 vehicles in 1986, the oldest year that data was available.

In 2016, the most recent year that data was available, average daily traffic was counted at 8171 vehicles daily on average – a 96.9% increase in traffic in 30 years.

In an 11-day period in March of this year, four people were killed in three separate crashes on Highways 26 and 47 between Vernonia and Manning.

The new station will be named the Hornshuh Creek Station #14. According to a press release from Banks Fire District #13, because the land for the new station will be donated, more bond money will be available to pay for constructing the new station, which will be completed in the next two years.

Captain Mark Hornshuh donated the land in honor of his parents, Carol and Fred Hornshuh.  Fred Hornshuh, who served on the Banks Fire District Budget Committee, and his wife Carol had wanted to donate land to the district in the past – a wish that was honored by Mark Hornshuh on Wednesday.

“Banks Fire appreciates all the Hornshuh family has done and continues to do for our community,” said Fire Chief Rodney Linz in a press release. “It is a wonderful donation and we are excited to name the station Hornshuh Creek Station to honor such a great family heritage.”

According to the district website, a request for proposals to guide the design and construction of the station was posted on May 1, and will close on May 25.

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The full Request for Proposals may be obtained from, and questions posed to: Rodney Linz, Fire Chief, Banks Fire District Station #13, 13430 NW Main Street, Banks, OR 97106
Phone: 503-324-6262