Merkley: “I haven’t ruled out the possibility” of 2020 presidential run

Banks – Senator Jeff Merkley held a town hall in the Banks High School gym on Saturday, drawing several hundred participants from all over Washington County.

“I think it was a phenomenal turnout.” said Banks Mayor Pete Edison, who opened the town hall with a few remarks. “Banks is honored to host, and it was a great opportunity for the city.”

Just minutes prior to the town hall, Merkley met with about two dozen local elected officials at the high school, according to Edison, where they touched on a wide range of subjects, including DACA, the recently passed tax bill, net neutrality, and more.

During the event, audience attendees were randomly selected to ask questions of Merkley, with numbered tickets drawn by Mayor Edison to select who would ask a question next.

The questions were wide ranging, from healthcare and immigration, to gerrymandering and oil well platforms on the Oregon Coast.

Toward the end of the question and answer session, a Pacific University student stood up and asked if Merkley would run for president in 2020.

“I haven’t ruled out the possibility.”

The crowd erupted into cheers and applause at the statement.

The senator closed with a statement that he believed all senators should hold town halls more often. “It almost seems like it should be a requirement off the job.” said Merkley.