Nominations for Banks Citizenship Award open

Banks – Nominations for the 2017 Banks Citizenship Award are open, according to the City of Banks.

The recognition is awarded to an individual who lives in or around the city of Banks that meets one or more of the following criteria, according to information from the City of Banks website:

  • “Exemplifies a life dedicated to the Banks’ way of hard work, self-improvement, and
    community service.
  • Embodies the spirit of philanthropy while showing a remarkable commitment in
    both their personal and professional lives to improving the City of Banks.
  • Preserves, celebrates and promotes the richness of history, tradition, and values of
    our great City, while working to create a better world for all of us in the future by
    the work they do today.
  • Shares gifts with the community to boost recognition of the City of Banks.”

Anyone may nominate an individual who lives in Banks or the surrounding area for the award, though city employees, elected city officials, and past recipients of the award are not eligible for nomination.

Past recipients of the Banks Citizenship Award are:

Jim Hough – 2012
Jim Lucas and Kathie Jackson – 2013
Raymond Deeth – 2014
Mark Ward – 2015
Marion Steinbach – 2016

Nomination forms can be returned to:  The City of Banks, 13680 NW Main Street, Banks, Oregon 97106. Nominations are due October 5.
The winning nominee will be notified by phone after October 31, 2017 and a presentation of the award made at the November 7 2017 City Council Meeting.

Sources and more information:

Banks Citizenship Award Information
Banks Citizenship Nomination Form

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