ODOT extends studded tire season through Sunday, April 15

Oregon – The Oregon Department of Transportation has extended studded tire season from March 31 to until the end of the day Sunday, April 15, according to a news release by the agency. The Washington Department of Transportation also extended their studded tire season to the same date.

“The forecast suggests Oregon’s mountain passes will receive some significant snow in the next few weeks,” said Luci Moore, State Maintenance and Operations Engineer. “But we ask that if you’re not planning to travel in those areas, please don’t wait until the last minute to remove your studded tires.”

This is just the fifth time in the past 16 years that the state agency has extended the studded tire season past March 31.

According to ODOT, a 2014 study says that studded tires cause $8.5 million in damage each year to state highways in Oregon – a cost that could be mitigated if more drivers used other types of traction tires that meet the standards of the Rubber Manufacturers Association for use in snowy road conditions.

Drivers with studded tires on their vehicles after the April 15 deadline can be charged with a Class C traffic violation.

For up-to-date road conditions, visit tripcheck.com or call 511.

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