State Representative Deborah Boone won’t seek reelection in 2018

Cannon Beach – After serving as House District 32 state representative for seven terms, Deborah Boone has announced that she will not seek reelection in 2018.

Boone will have served for 14 years in the Oregon House of Representatives at the end of her term. She was appointed to House District 32 in August 2004 after Elaine Hopson resigned her seat. Boone went on to win the November 2004 election and has held the seat since then.

“The past two years have been very difficult for me as I became a full-time caretaker for my
husband who was fighting brain cancer.” Boone says. “Fortunately, technology, a very special State Senator,
Betsy Johnson, and my very capable staff made it possible for me to continue my job even from
afar when necessary. I am forever in their debt.”

Boone’s husband, Bill Boone, passed away late last year.

Boone served on a variety of House committees throughout her term, but specifically said that her work throughout most of her term on the House Committee on Veterans Affairs allowed her to serve what she says is a special group of constituents to her, Oregon veterans.

So far, two challengers for the open seat have either filed to run or stated their intent to run – Brian Halvorsen of Rockaway Beach, who filed to run as an Independent in September 2017, and Tim Josi, a Tillamook County Commissioner.

Dr. Bruce Bobek, who ran against Boone in 2016 on the Republican ticket, says he is unlikely to run for House District 32 seat this year.

Clatsop County Republicans Chairman Jim Hoffman says that they are working on something, but wouldn’t discuss it further until they have finalized their plans.

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