Third Annual Banks High School Picnic Reunion will be Sunday, August 5

Banks – The third annual Banks High School Reunion Picnic will be held Sunday, August 5 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Sunset Park in Banks.

The picnic, which typically draws more than 200 past and present Banks High School attendees, is the product of a handful of former schoolmates who took it upon themselves to create the reunion. “We decided we should use this venue as several people had indicated that some classes had not had any class reunions,” said Mel Lardy, Chairman of the committee that organizes the event. “Several others had communicated that several members of their classes had passed away and this was an avenue to connect everyone.”

Attendees are asked to bring food to share at the potluck-style picnic, as well as your own utensils, plates, and beverages. If you want to sit, it’s recommended that you bring a lawn chair, too.

Other activities include a raffle, with prizes ranging from bottles of wine to various odds and ends such as towels and mugs.

Other volunteers behind the event include Joyce Lardy, David Rabon, Janis (Rabon) Harris, Pat Vanderzanden, Ed Evey, Larry Evers, Joan Burnsed and Nancy Lazott.

Lardy gave a shout-out to the Banks Sunset Park and BHS principle Jacob Pence for helping make the past two events a success, and says he anticipates that participation will continue to grow at the reunion.

“It’s generally a good time for all,” he said.

Sunset Park is located in Banks at 12765 NW Main Street.