Letters to the editor and editorial policy

The Banks Post exists to spread stories and news in Banks, Buxton, Manning, Hayward, Roy and other surrounding rural communities with news, events, and stories that would not otherwise be covered from a local perspective.  Often, the stories we cover will never be picked up by larger, more urban newspapers. We’re a small organization, covering over 100 square miles of rural farm and forestland and small unincorporated communities.

It is not our role to tell you what we think; our role is to tell you what we know. You can expect fact-based reporting, without a politically motivated editorial agenda from us.

As such, the Post will never make any endorsements for candidates or ballot measures in local and national elections.

However, we welcome any community members who wish to write a letter to the editor or a guest column. If you’d like to do so, send us an email at news@bankspost.com