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We’re constantly humbled by the outpouring of support from our local community for our little newspaper. And while we’re by no means perfect, and always have room to improve the news coverage in our communities, we believe we’re providing a valuable service to the more than 5,000 households in our communities who read our newspaper.

And while the business community in Banks and Gales Creek has been incredibly supportive in advertising within these pages and online, the fact remains that we cover news in the least populated area of Washington County, with very few businesses available to advertise in our newspaper.

It takes over $6,000 every month to do what we do – produce and mail 5,000 monthly newspapers, more than 800 weekly newspapers, keep three websites with daily breaking news updated, pay the salary of our one full-time employee (that’s me!) and our part-time freelance writer, and then dozens of other expenses that you’d expect any small business to have.

We’re asking for 300 of our 5,000 families in our newspaper’s territory to consider a $10 monthly donation.

We’re not a non-profit organization; we can’t give you a tax deduction. All we can give you is our promise: We seek to tell the stories of our communities as truthfully and accurately as humanly possible.

If you’re able, please consider helping out – we want to continue be a resource for our community, we just need the community to keep pitching in, as they have in the past.

You can donate $5, $10, $20, or even $25 a month. You can also donate securely via our Patreon page.

$5 Supporter
$10 Sustainer
$20 Visionary
$25 News Junkie

If you’re unable to make a financial contribution, please support our advertisers – and let them know you’re supporting them because you saw them in this newspaper.

Humbly, your publisher, Chas Hundley